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Scrambling Routes

The following hiking routes combined with rock scrambling are located in the Alicante and Valencia regions but represent only a small proportion of routes that have been created by our mountain club. See Rock Scrambling and our Photo Gallery.

These routes involve scrambling grades of 1 to 3 and some are highly exposed. Low grade routes begin from the top of the page.


Cavall Verd. Height 798 metres  

Cavall VerdOn the Serra del Penyal, also known as Serra del Penyó, our hike starts from the westerly end of the mountain by scrambling through rough woodland and rock to reach the ridge track. Heading east along this track for 1 hour we arrive at the Cavall Verd where a historic battle took place between the Moors and Christians. After scrambling up the Penya Roja we head east along the ridges and finally descend through the Ermita at Murla where our second car is parked.  An ideal hike for a hot day with plenty of breeze. Moderate hike and grade 1 scramble.
Distance 9km.  Duration 4.5hrs.  Ascent 680m.


El Cocoll. Height 1048 metres

CocollOur ascent is from the CV-720 via the normally dry Barranc d’ Encaina. The route is rough with some maquis and involves several grade 1 scrambles. After 90 minutes the col is reached with Cocoll summit on the right hand side. On the left is the Penya del Pla, Pla d’en Moragues and the civil aerodrome. Our return route starts by ascending to the watch tower and the Cocoll summit. From there we descend via Tossal d’ L Hedrera and rejoin the barranc. Strenuous hike with grade 1 scrambles. Distance 9km. Duration 5hrs. Ascent 722m
Route created by Vic Warth October 2010.


Rambla Salada de Albatera

Rambla Salada de AlbateraLocated in the Sierra de Crevillente and accessed via the N-340 and CV-873, the Rambla Salada is a natural canal carved out by rain and erosion which still creates deposits of salt. There are numerous routes through the canal that require scrambling and pulling on wires and chains for support to traverse pools and wells. This coupled with the amazing formation of salt, sandstone, gypsum, limestone and other minerals makes the Rambla an interesting and adventurous route.

Moderate hike and grade 2 scrambles.
Distance 9.5km.  Duration 4.5hrs.  Ascent 200m.

Barranco del Parent or Paret

Located on the south face of Serra del Bérnia there are many hidden and hard to access barrancos with dead ends and almost impassible routes. The Barranco del Parent is approached through forest areas and crags. Once in the barranco the route involves moving through a lot of maquis and numerous scrambles around wet and dry potholes. Return via Senda de les Revoltes PR-CV7. Strenuous hike with numerous grade 2 scrambles and optional grade 3. Distance 8km. Duration 5hrs. Ascent 490m.
Route created by Vic Warth and Alfred Vodermaier April 2013.


Serra del Bérnia. Height 1125 metres

Serra del BerniaWest Summit via the Forat. Heading east on the approach path we join our ascent track just behind the font. This track eventually leads to the forat. Crawling through the 1 metre high 18 metre long forat leads to the south face. From there we head west along a marked track until the large barranco. We ascend to the main col. The scramble to the summit starts at the large rock face on the left.

On the ridge we continue heading west until the main summit is reached. From the summit a series of marks lead down to a scree run and the fort on the south side. From the fort we continue our route anti clockwise route back to the Bérnia restaurante. Moderate hike and grade 2 scramble.

Distance 13km. Duration 5hrs. Ascent 840m.

Bérnia Orbital route. Starting from the Bérnia restaurante car park we commence our route anti clockwise using the PRV-7. The first stop is at the fort ruins followed by a descent to font del Runar. A further descent brings us to the recreation picnic area. Now we leave the PRV-7 and head east on a broad track and continue to the end. At this point a narrow track leads to an old ruin. From here we start ascending to the most easterly ridge of the Bérnia, Penyas del Portixol. A final scramble brings us to the two arcs. The eastern summit can be accessed from this point. Descent from here can be through the first arc or bypass to the right.

Our route is now on the north face of the Bérnia heading west passing a scree run and towards the forat. Continuing passed the forat we gradually descent to font de Bérnia and return to the car park. Moderate hike and grade 2 scramble.

Distance 13km. Duration 5.5hrs. Ascent 829m.
We have numerous scrambling routes on the Bérnia


Malla del Llop South Ridge.  

Malla del Llop South RidgeOur scramble on this ridge offers stunning views of Guadalest Embalse and Village and a birds eye view of the Malla Canal and nevera ice pit. Following goat tracks on the ridge we finally arrive at the Malla del Llop summit of 1360m. Our return route is via the central canal. Strenuous hike and grade 1 scramble.
Distance 12km.  Duration 5.5hrs.  Ascent 911m.
Route created by Vic Warth April 2008.



Serra del Montgó. Height 753 metres

Serra del MontgoA special challenging route starting at the Barranc de l’Hiedra. The route starts at the Jesús Pobre park area. First we climb the crag at the Barranc de l’Hiedra and then descend to the Cova de l’Aigua. Following the Cami de la Colonia we soon arrive at the long Barranc del Brúfol. After a series of scrambles we arrive at the main summit. Our return route is via the main summit path to the Jesús Pobre park area. La Ruta Inolvidable. Challenging hike and scramble. Distance 15km. Duration 7.5hrs. Ascent 1100m. Grade 2 scramble.
Route created by Vic Warth April 2006.

We have numerous scrambling routes on El Montgo.


Serra dels Castellets East. 806 metres  

Monte Castellets EastThis exposed scramble starts from the Collado de Sacarest. The route follows goat tracks just below the south ridge buttress. Descent is via a south ridge barranco with scree just before the Portal de Lopez. Allow 45 minutes for descent via numerous bancales and good tracks. Rope protection is not necessary but the route is exposed. Moderate hike and grade 2+ scrambles.
 Distance 5.5km.  Duration 5hrs.  Ascent 593m
Route created by Vic Warth and Alfred Vodermier June 2005.


Serra del Ferrer. Height 856 metres  

Serra del FerrerThe ridge scramble starts from the Maserof area on the CV749 Jalón to Bérnia road. Ascent to the north ridge is steep but short. Descent is just after the Pic. At this point the scramble can be extended by following the ridge over rough ground to the Bandoleros and Bérnia area. A car shuttle will be required for the long route.
Short ridge route.  Moderate hike and grade 2 scramble.
Distance 7.5km. Duration 4hrs. Ascent 640m.
Long ridge route.
 Strenuous hike and grade 2 scramble.
Distance 10km.  Duration 7hrs.  Ascent 1167m.
Route created by Vic Warth and John Cowell April 2006.


Penya del Migdia. Height 705 metres  

Penya del MigdiaLocated next to the village of Tormos on the CV715 Sagra to Pego road. The route starts at the base of the first Alt del Cavall ridge on the Vall de Ebo track. The ridge scramble to the Penya del Migdia 704m takes just under 4 hrs. Rope protection might be necessary for the grade 3 slab scramble. The return route is via the main Caval 708m summit and then descending the col on the north side to Pla dels Poets. This is the Pla dels Poets to Ebo track and returns us to Tormos. An alternatively return route is through woodland south of the Barranc de la Palla but avoid the barranc which is full of man eating maquis. Park at the Tormos cemetery 30S 0754224  4299103. Strenuous hike and grade 2 to 3 scrambles.
Route 1. Returning via Poets track. Distance 13km. Duration 7hrs. Ascent 800m
Route 2. Returning south of Palla. Distance 12km. Duration 6hrs. Ascent 650m


Monte Ponoch Summit. Height 1180 metres  

Monte PonochApproached from the CV70 near Polop. The shape of this mountain resembles a sleeping lion and can be climbed via various routes.
Route 1.  Distance 14km. Duration 5.5hrs. Ascent 890m. Strenuous hike and grade 2 scramble.
Ruta del Diablo. Distance 6km. Duration 4hrs. Ascent 500m. Moderate hike and grade 2 scramble.


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Serra de Segária. Height 508 metres  

Serra de SegariaWith access from the N332 just north of Ondara this mountain resembles Serra de Bérnia but much smaller. A short ascent leads to the main col. From there the ridge leads to the east offering some scrambles and good views.  Alternatively the western ridge can be accessed from the south face via the Cova del Bolumini where a spectacular display of stalactites and stalagmites can be viewed. There are numerous other routes available. Moderate hike. Grade 2 scramble.
Parking. 38.833086, -0.009409

Distance 10km.  Duration 6hrs. Ascent 770m.


Serra de Aixorta. Height 1216 metres

Serra de AixortaParking on the north side of the Guadalest embalse we commence our ascent via the Barranc Fort towards La Font Major. Goat tracks then lead to a ridge which avoids thick gorse. At the Xortá summit just before Penya Alta we head west and descend towards Serrella Castle with beautiful views of the embalse. A 115m steep walk takes us to the castle with even more spectacular views. Return is via the embalse road. By using a car shuttle to Serrella Castle the route can be shortened to 10km and 5hrs. An adventurous route. Strenuous hike and grade 2 scramble.
Distance 16km. Duration 6.75hrs. Ascent 975m.
Route created by Vic Warth April 2005.


Serra del Maigmó. Height 1296 metres  

Serra del Maigmo Accessed from the A36 Alicante to Alcoi road Maigmó presents a range of natural routes without much evidence of human traffic. After leaving the Balcón de Alicante we commence our final climb to the summit via a simple safety wire. One final scramble and we arrive on the summit with spectacular views of Alt de la Xumenera and El Cid to the west and Penya Migjorn to the east. Car shuttle required. Moderate hike and grade 2 scramble.

Distance 13km. Duration 5hrs. Ascent 865m.


Serra de Relleu. Height 490 metres  

Serra de RelleuLocated near Orcheta the Relleu mountain ridge provides an excellent scrambling route with superb views of the Monte Castellets, Aitana, Puig Campana, Embalse de L’ Almadório and the coastline. The route follows a horseshoe circuit and there are various ridges offering a range of exposures with good hand holds and exciting scrambles. Moderate hike. Grade 2+ scramble.
Distance 6km. Duration 4.5hrs. Ascent 538m.

Route created by Alfred Vodermier and Vic Warth April 2008.


Algar Valley Circuit.  

Penon de la Ovenga A beautiful route with varying terrain and offering views of many peaks in Marina Alta and Marina Baja. From Fonts del Algar our ascent starts on the south side of Peña Severino. At the col of Severino and Serra del Bérnia we scramble to the east peak of Severino at 880m. From the col we traverse north to the peak of Peñon de la Ovenga at 780m. Now we descend the plunging steep Barranc del Curt to Paso de los Bandoleros. Just before the Bandoleros we enter the Pas del Raco Ample and a steep scree run which leads to a dry river bed. Our return to Algar through this valley is via an easy track which eventually crosses the Río Algar. Strenuous hike. Grade 2 scramble. Distance 12km. Duration 6hrs. Ascent 866m.  


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Sanchet Summit. Height 1189 metres 

Sanchet SummitLocated near Polop off the CV70. The route starts in the Barranc de Gulabdar which is now accessed by a concrete track and marked as PR-CV 13, 16 and 17. A short but easy scramble up a rock face brings us to a steep barranco. Beyond the final coll there is one last grade 2 scramble to the summit which can also be accessed via an easy track. The descent down to the Casa de Carrasca is on loose rocks. From there the return route is almost 2hrs on an easy clockwise track. Alternatively a shorter anti clockwise route will arrive at the PR-CV 13. Strenuous hike and grade 2 scramble. Park 31S 0256482 4292434. Distance 14km. Duration 6.5hrs.  Ascent 930m


El Barranc del Negre.  

El-Barranc del NegreAn impressive looking barranco with three main canals. The centre canal can only be climbed with ropes. Located north of Bululla on the CV715 access can be made from Bululla village or Bululla castle area. Numerous tracks and a Mozarabic trail lead to the summits which include Morro Blau and Penya Alta.  Both form part of the Serra de la Xortá. The highest point is Penya Alta at 1219 metres and this offers a short but easy ridge scramble. Moderate hike and grade 2 scramble. 
  Distance 13km.  Duration 5.5hrs.  Ascent 710m.

Route created by Vic Warth and Alfred Vodermier October 2006.  



Penyó Roc.  Height 1108 metres  

Penyo Roc Starting near the restaurant El Trestelador exit on the CV70, follow the wide PR-CV9 track heading south and pass through the Pas dels Comptador. Route 1. From the col, follow cairns and paint marks at the base of the Roc. These lead to the scramble ascent route. From the summit follow a small track heading north and then descend to the PR-CV9 through scree. Route 2. Starting from the col, we descend east of the Cresta del Carrascal and then scramble up an exposed ledges route which leads to the west of the Carrascal. Then continue north to join the main Roc scramble. Both routes provide grade 2 scrambles.
Route 1.  Distance 5km. Duration 3hrs. Ascent 390m.  
Route 2.  Distance 7km. Duration 4.5hrs. Ascent 700m.


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Peña Migjorn. Height 1226 metres  

Pena MigjornLocated just west of Xixona, our initial ascent is through the Barranc de los Puertos which runs between Peñarroya and Migjorn. After a sharp ascent with an easy scramble the ridge is soon reached. From this point we continue a steady hike ascending the ridge south until several easy but exposed scrambles. The main summit is now 30 minutes away. Descent is via a small track on the east side of the Migjorn. Moderate hike and grade 2 scramble.
Distance 13km. Duration 5hrs. Ascent 722m.



Penya de Coll de Rates. Height 783 metres

Penya de coll de RatesA classic hike now with newly created scrambling routes. Starting from the Bodega car park in Jalón we proceed south west on the Camí Tárbena which then joins the Barranc de les Passules. At the Barranc Negre we start our ascent of the massif. Our first scramble option (grade 3) is on the east face below the summit and the second option (grade 2) is on the west face overlooking the Coll de Rates restaurant. We return via the Camí de Xaló and then along the banks of the Riu Xaló. Moderate hike with grade 2 or 3 scrambles.
Distance 12km. Duration 5hrs. Ascent 630m
Route created by Vic Warth and Rob McCarthy November 2010. 


El Puig Campana. Height 1408m

Puig CampanaAn ominous looking mountain with a reputation for accidents and fatalities when rock climbing or scrambling on more difficult routes like the El Tall de Roldán. This is our favourite scrambling route and it starts from a rough track east of Finestrat. The main ascent starts on the eastern face of the Puig and involves grade 2 scrambles up rock and small gulleys. The final ascent is a short scramble along a rock ledge. From the summit we return to the col and descend to the north through scree. This joins up with the perimeter path Senda Lola where we return to the car park going east or west. Route Alvi. Strenuous hike and grade 2 scramble.
Distance 14km.  Duration 6.5hrs. Ascent 1050m.
Route created by Vic Warth and Alfred Vodermier October 2005


El Puig Campana and El Tall de Roldán. Height 1408 metres

Tall de RoldanParking at Font Moli our route is to the square gap on the west ridge named El Tall de Roldán. Half way up the canal we commence our scramble on the left hand side. There are no tracks and the route is used by rock climbers when descending Espolón and other Puig climbing routes. Views from the Tall are amazing and it’s like standing on a large stage. It is important to descend by the same route. From the canal we then ascend to the main summit. From the summit we return to the col and descend to the north through scree. This joins up with the perimeter path Senda Lola where you can return to the car park going east or west. Strenuous hike and grade 2 to 3 scramble. Distance 13km.  Duration 6hrs.  Ascent 1045m.
We have numerous scrambling routes on El Puig


Peña Severino. West Peak 800m. East Peak 880m  

Pena SeverinoThe Severino peaks and aréte form part of the massif which includes Peña Ovenga and Serra del Bérnia. Our scramble starts at the base of the Severino ridge in Algar and after a steep climb of just over one hour we arrive at the west peak. From this point we descend and then scramble to the east peak ridge. Our anti clockwise return route to Algar includes Peña Ovenga and the steep barranco leading to the Bandoleros. The Algar Valley track leads back to the car park. Prepare for rough ground. Strenuous hike and grade 2 scramble.
Distance 12km.  Duration 6hrs.  Ascent 1054m.
Route created by Vic Warth November2010.



El Penyó. Height 772 metres

El PenyoSituated high up in the Barranc de Gulabdar our route starts behind the final rock climbing crag and follows one of several ridges leading to the El Penyó summit. The scramble is strenuous and exposed but the rock is firm with good hand holds.
Easy hike and grade 2 to 3 strenuous scramble.Distance 2.5km. Duration 4hrs. Ascent 415m.
Route created by Vic Warth July 2013.


Monte Ponoch North Ridge. Height 789 metres

Monte Ponoch North RidgeA demanding scramble with plenty of exposure. The ridge plunges down to a small stream in the Barranc de Gulabdar where we commence our initial scramble of 370 metres. There are several sections of the ridge where a rope may be required depending on the level of competence of the climbers. This route is normally combined with our Ruta Directo to the summit and descent via the new official track on the south face. Car shuttle required. One at the deposito car park and one at the mirador. North Ridge combined with Ruta Directa or Ruta Dolorosa. Moderate hike and grade 4 scramble. Distance 20km. Duration 6.5hrs. Ascent 1200m.
Route created by Vic Warth 2012.



El Realet scramble, Serra els Castellets. Height 806m

El Realet is the first peak when approaching the Serra els Castellets from the south west. The complete ridge is also known as Monte Castellet. El Realet resembles a fin and presents a grade 3 scramble with exposed mid section. It is advisable to use a 20 metre rope on the crux on descent. Duration 2 hrs.


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All heights, distances, times, grades and equipment and other information listed on this page are provided in good faith as experienced by the author but may include errors. Anyone attempting these routes should verify the information before commencing the activity in case of errors, route modifications or geological changes.

1. A hike is a long walk. 2. Ascent figures are accumulative starting from the car park. 3. Duration of the event includes short stops, a short lunch break and brisk pace. 4. Distance and ascent figures have been derived by GPS. 5. GPS coordinates. Position Format UTM UPS. Map Datum European 1950. 6. Spanish names are entered in the Castellano or Valenciano form.



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