Penya Severino Ridge


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Rock Scrambling

Scrambling is a grey activity somewhere between mountain hiking and rock climbing and is a natural progression for adventurous hikers.
It requires a good head for heights coupled with fitness and agility.

There are many mountains with basic scrambling sections and more progressive routes can be found on ridges such as Monte Castellets West, Peña Severino, Ponoch East and Segária East. Here you will find short multiple pitches of scrambling grades 2 to 3.

Segaria RidgeThe duration of each pitch is several minutes with the complete route taking up to one hour, depending on the size and experience of the group. Rope backup and belays should always be available.

Grade 3 scrambling sometimes includes an abseil to exit the route. Scrambling beyond grade 3 is considered to be rock climbing.

Scrambling is dangerous, adventurous and exciting but with experience it will allow you to explore more dramatic ridges and summits that are not accessible through normal hiking activities.
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