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Club Policy

As a visitor or member of our mountain club, you are expected to be fit and experienced and abide by our following code of practice.

1. Mountain insurance is recommended for our walking and hiking routes.

2. Mountain insurance is mandatory for all our activities from grade 1 scrambling and above.

3. Hiking boots must be worn and suitable clothing is neccessary for changes in the weather.

4. All who participate in our club activities do so entirely at their own risk.

5. All club leaders are volunteers and not responsible for any accidents or injuries which may occur.

6. Members must first check with the leader of the day before bringing any visitors.

7. All participants must stay within the group and follow the leaders advice on all activities.

8. Participants must call the leader of the day prior to arriving in case of cancellation due to adverse weather conditions.

9. Leaders must first recce new routes prior to the scheduled dates and provide full route details.

10. Dogs are not permitted on any of our mountain events.

11. Persons under the age of 18 are not allowed on our hikes unless previously agreed.

12. Smoking is not permitted on our hikes.

13. Ownership of a car is necessary to access the start of our mountain events.

14. Any visitor who is found to be incompatible with the club will not be invited on future events.

15. Do not arrive for any event if you have a hangover or any illness that will affect your safety and that of others.

16. Please do not discard any rubbish or food waste on the mountain routes.

17. Membership of our club is free of charge.


Política del Club

Como visitante o miembro de nuestro club de montaña, se espera que cumpla con el siguiente código de práctica.

1. Seguro de Montaña se recomienda para nuestras rutas de senderismo.

2. Seguro de Montaña es obligatorio para todas nuestras actividades de grado 1 escalada sin cuerda y todas las actividades de grado superior.

3. Las botas de senderismo deben ser usadas y ropa adecuada es necesaria para los cambios en el clima.

4. Todos los participantes en las actividades de nuestro club lo hace bajo sus propia responsabilidad.

5. Todos los guias del club son voluntarios y no se hacen responsables de cualquier accidente o lesión que pueda ocurrir.

6. Los socios deben consultar con el guía de turno antes de traer a otros excursionistas.

7. Todos los participantes deben permanecer dentro del grupo y seguir las instrucciones del guía en todas las actividades.

8. Antes de llegar, los participantes deben llamar al guía de turno en caso de cancelación debido al mal tiempo.

9. En los itineratios nuevos, los guias deben realizar unas prácticas previas antes de las fechas programadas.

10. No se admiten perros en nuestras caminatas.

11. En nuestras caminatas, no se permite participar a los menores de 18 años.

12. No se permite fumar en nuestras caminatas.

13. Propiedad de un coche es necesario para acceder al inicio de nuestras actividades de montaña.

14. Cualquier visitante que se considere incompatible con el club, no se le va a invitar a eventos futuros.

15. No asista a un evento si tiene resaca o alguna enfermedad que afecte a su seguridad y a la nuestra.

16. Por favor, no descarte desperdicios de basura o alimentos en las rutas de montaña.

17. Hacerse socio del club es gratuito.


Our Hiking Grades

Grading a hike can be difficult because it depends on the terrain and the pace of the leader of the day. Our method of grading is simple and is adjusted by the leader to suit the weakest member. Note, that a hike is a long walk and that hiking in the mountains is far more strenuous than hiking in the country side or on roads.

Easy. A hike requiring a minimum amount of physical exertion.

Moderate. A hike requiring an average amount of physical exertion.

Strenuous. A hike that requires a good level of fitness to complete the event.

Challenging. Only for the very few. If you are not extremely fit then do not participate.


Our Scrambling Grades

Grade 1. Very little exposure where you will need the occasional hands on rock. Example: The Penya Roja on the Cavall Verd.

Grade 2. Some exposure and previous experience at Grade 1 is desirable before tackling this standard. Example: The Ferrer Ridge.

Grade 3.  Multiple pitches of simple rock climbing where a rope may be used for some climbers. Example: The Castellets West Ridge and the Bérnia Ridge.

Grade 3s. Seriously severe and should be used with rope backup. Example Segaria East.

  Remember that wet conditions can add an extra grade to a route.  


Mountain Emergency Procedure

Keep together. Should the group become separated then follow this procedure. Call them by mobile phone to determine where they are. The International signal of distress is six good medium blasts by whistle. The reply is three long blasts.

In case of serious injury call the European mobile 112 emergency number. Available for GSM phones only.


Essential Equipment for hiking or scrambling in Spain

For group members Additional for leaders and solo events
Hiking boots First aid kit
Rucksack First aid knowledge
Adequate clothing for the day Head torch
Extra layer Whistle
Waterproof top Watch
Sun hat Compass
Wet wipes Topographic map
Adequate water Mobile phone
Food Swiss army knife
Energy snacks Space blanket
Mobile phone recommended Altimeter or GPS
Towel in car for wet days 20 metre lightweight rope
Whistle recommended  



Mountain Tips

Sun glasses. Even in the winter with a low sun they are useful.

Sun screen. Definitely for April onwards

Spare boot lace. Try hiking for 6 hours with a broken shoe lace!

Hiking poles. The load on your back can be reduced by more than 25% when using two hiking poles. Fold them when scrambling.

Rucksack cover. Carry one to protect your gear in heavy rain.

Zip bags. Use these to protect your camera and other gear in the rain.

Under socks. A thin pair under your wool socks prevents blisters on long hikes.

Foot cream. Use cream like Gehwol or Bodyglide on your feet to reduce friction and blisters.

Bananas. Eating a banana during your first break will give you 84 Kcals of quick energy.

Jaffa cakes. An ideal source of carbohydrates for quick energy.

Water. Drink plenty to hydrate yourself before leaving home.

Carbohydrates. Eat plenty the night before hikes, during hikes and after hikes.  

Protein. Slow burning and requires more water to fully digest. Keep to a minimum during short hikes.

Breakfast. If you haven’t had a good one then don’t hike with us.

Lightweight boots. Taking 1kg off your feet is the equivalent to 5kg off your back. 

Altitude. Remember that depending on weather conditions temperatures drop between 0.5C and 1C for every 100 metres of ascent.  

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