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Classic Climbing Routes


Serra els Castellets. Height 806m

Monte CastelletsSometimes called Monte Castellets this picturesque series of ridges extends about 10 kilometres from north west Finestrat to the Ponoch. The first eastern ridge is reached from the CV–770 Finestrat to Sella road but climbing can commence from the north east end or from the middle of the castellets. Along the complete ridge there are numerous abseils, grade 3+ climbs, ridge traverses and a lot of scrambling. Although we have never completed the complete ridge in one session it has been estimated that about 50 hours might be required.

See our YouTube video covering a scramble of the first castellet.


Serra de Bérnia. Height 1125m

Bernia RidgeA long traverse of the Bernia East Ridge descending via the main col. The longest abseil is 20 metres. The abseils are intermingled with numerous grades 2 and 3 exposed scrambles and a grade 4+ climb on a rock fin. The route is marked with red paint spots. The abseils, traverse and climb are all bolted. Allow 7 hours for four people. Distance 6km.



Puig Campana. 1408m

Puig Espolon CentralThere are number of climbing routes available on the Puig but Espolón Central is the most popular. With 13 pitches ranging from 25 to 30 metres and with several at grade 4+, it can be a long day. Allow 6 to 10 hours depending on group size.



Serra de Benicadell. Height 1104m

Climbing BenicadellA classic ridge climb involving grade 3 scrambling and up to grade 5 rock climbing. The first pitch is grade 4+ and the second is grade 4. The bolts start to the left of a small cave. The second pitch continues straight up with plenty of solid rock. Then follows a gruelling 530m of up to grade 3 scrambling. The last two climbing pitches, grade 4 and grade 5 are near the summit. The initial climb starts at an altitude of about 590 metres. GPS 30 S 0726005 UTM 4301490. Easy climb but strenuous scrambling. Access from the car park to the first pitch will take about 30 minutes. For four climbers allow at least 4 hours for the full ridge climb to the summit. Return from the summit to the car park will take about 50 minutes. More route details on request.


All heights, distances, times, grades and equipment and other information listed on this page are provided in good faith as experienced by the author but may include errors. Anyone attempting these routes should verify the information before commencing the activity in case of errors, route modifications or geological changes.

1.A hike is a long walk. 2. Ascent figures are accumulative starting from the car park. 3. Duration of the event includes short stops, a short lunch break and brisk pace. 4. Distance and ascent figures have been derived by GPS. 5. GPS coordinates. Position Format UTM UPS. Map Datum European 1950. 6. Spanish names are entered in the Castellano or Valenciano form.



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